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Rug Cleaning

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Rug Cleaning Process

After the rug inspection, the next step in the process of cleaning an Oriental or Persian rug is one the most important. Here, we go to great lengths to remove these trapped impediments prior to the introduction of the next cleaning method. Our process thoroughly vibrates the rug from the back, thus allowing these fiber damaging impediments to fall free from the rug to be vacuumed.

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What we are trying to demonstrate here today is the second step in our rug washing and cleaning process. This is our dry soil removal, which basically, we use a piece of equipment called a Rug Badger- And what we’ll do, for demonstration purposes today, is put a white piece of paper down underneath this grid, so that we can show you exactly how much loose impediment soil is trapped inside of the face of your rug.

So what we’ll do is go ahead and pull this rug up, and cover this paper, and cover this grid… And now we are ready to run our Rug Badger! What our rug badger does is literally vibrate the back of the rug, shaking out all the loos impediments, through the grid that we’re running on top of.
Let me run this for just a minute and show you what this looks like.

[Rug Badger demonstration]

Alright, now we’ve done a small segment of this rug, which is an 8 by 10, but let’s see what we were able to get out of this rug. WOW, look at that! Let’s roll this back and you can get a really good look at what your vacuum cleaner will never remove.

This process is what separates a professional rug cleaner from a typical carpet cleaner that would elect to clean your orientals inside your home. A vacuum cleaner would never remove this. So without this dusting process, you’re leaving all of this behind.

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