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How Often Should I Wash or Dry Clean My Clothes?

This video is about the right frequency of washing or dry cleaning your clothes


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Hi, my name is Christen, Manager of A Cleaner World here to answer your burning dry cleaning question recently submitted by a viewer. Is there a rule of thumb about when I should have my clothes cleaned? There is an old cleaners saying "Wear it twice, it will clean up nice." This is a nice slogan, but you need to put more thought into your decision. For garments you wear next to your skin, like blouses, pants, shirts etc. you should follow the same logic you would use if it were machine washable. If you would wash it after one wearing, then you should dry clean it after one wearing. For suits, sport coats, overcoats, and sweaters worn over a shirt or blouse you may get two or more wearings between cleanings. Please submit your burning questions to customercare@acleanerworld.com.

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