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Restoration Dry Cleaning FAQs

1. Where is the restoration facility located?

We are located in a large warehouse in the Heart of the Triad in Kernersville, NC.  This facility allows us plenty of room for all of our restoration processes.   This location also allows us quick interstate access to serve all of North Carolina and Southside Virginia.  It also has the advantage of keeping each person’s belongings entirely separate during operations and storage.  Our facility offers a spot cleaning area, a hand wash area, several washers with over 20 programmed cycles each, several dryers with multiple drying programs, a state of the art dry cleaning machine, finishing and pressing equipment, and a large ozone room. 

2. What if everything I own has been damaged?  

When our team arrives at your home we will offer you expedited cleaning returned to you in less than 24 hours.  Each family member may choose several garments for this service.  We are happy to do this so that everyone has something clean to wear for a few days.  There is no extra charge for the return trip or the speedy service. Arrangements can always be made to collect any items once they are restored.  The entire order does not need to be completed to collect specific items. 

3. Does A Cleaner World Restoration only handle clothing items?  

No.  We will attempt to restore any textile pieces.   We specialize in wedding gowns, wall hangings, oriental and area rugs, blankets, bedding, window treatments, shoes and boots, purses and handbags, stuffed animals, dolls, toys, leather or upholstered furniture, laundry items such as socks, underwear, and t-shirts, belts, hats, neckties, scarves, gloves, and other items too numerous to list.  Please ask us.  We want to help normalize your life.  It won’t matter if it’s unique, a keepsake, or just an everyday favorite, we will treat it with care and respect.  

4. How long does the restoration process take?  

Usually 3 to 5 days depending on the number of garments and household pieces.  The cause of damage is a significant factor.  Fire and smoke can cause heavy or light damage.  The origination and source of combustion all influence the length of the restoration process.   Certain smoke and odors can actually be more difficult to remove then others.   Water and moisture can create a challenge.  Mold and mildew begins to form quickly in damp environments.  These are very tenacious stains and require several steps to completely remove.  

5. Who is responsible for payment?  

Your insurance agent and the insurance adjuster can explain the benefits and limits of your particular policy.  100% of our service is normally covered under properly insured homeowner or renters policies.  There may be a deductible that the homeowner must meet before the insurance company pays the balance.  Our service is covered because homeowners generally want their belongings restored rather than replaced.  Imagine attempting to replace everything in your house.  An individual would have to shop non-stop for months to replace everything.  Insurance policies are there to restore your belongings back to where they were before the event occurred.  Insurance adjusters have told us that they like dealing with us for three main reasons.   1. We restore almost 96% of items we attempt.  2. We do not charge for items that the homeowner does not feel were completely restored.   3. We provide a list of items that can’t be restored so that the homeowner can go out and replace those items quickly.

6. What happens after the entire order is restored?  

After restoration we move the completed order into secured storage here in our facility.  Only bonded employees with a valid need have access to this area.    We offer the insurance company and homeowner 30 days of free storage until the home repairs are completed.   It is our experience that insurance policies will pay for any necessary extended storage due to longer repair times.  Usually the homeowner will notify us when the dwelling is restored.  We then arrange a mutually convenient time to return the order.  All items are cataloged by room or specific location at pick-up.  When delivering, we place all items in the original room or location unless the homeowner directs us differently.

7. There has been a catastrophe at my home.   What happens next?

Of course, you should call your insurance company as soon as practical.  An adjuster will visit and determine what resources are needed.   A general contractor is usually assigned to secure the property. This contractor will also oversee the entire restoration process.   The general contractor or adjuster will contact any other specialists that are required.  The homeowner does have control over who will be restoring the many areas of their property.  The homeowner may choose A Cleaner World to recover their clothing and similar belongings.  A Cleaner World is available 24 hours a day, 364 days a year.  A crew will be dispatched within 24 hours to pick up the damaged items.  The homeowner need not be present when our crew arrives although it is helpful.  Household items will be packed and removed room by room.  This is done to ensure that cleaned items are returned to the exact place they were taken from.  We usually only require a few hours to collect damaged items and place them in our trucks. 

8. What if some items can’t be restored?  

 A  Cleaner World will not charge the homeowner or the insurance company for non-restorable items.   We make every attempt to restore each piece.  On those occasions when our efforts are unsuccessful we remove the charge for that item.  The homeowner and the insurance adjuster are provided a detailed list of the non-restored items.  The detail includes a description, color, brand name, and size.  Those items are returned if the homeowner chooses.  Frequently the homeowner will sign a release and have us dispose of the items prior to delivery of the order.  In the case of water, smoke or fire damage, it is not wise to bring potentially contaminated items back into the restored home.  

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