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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning FAQs

Why should I have my rugs cleaned?

Extended Rug Life
If not properly maintained, rugs will wear out or “ugly-out” over time. Professional rug cleaning can help extend the life of your investment by removing soil and contaminants that will eventually wear out and scratch the rug fibers.

You can help maintain the original look of your rug by properly maintaining it with regular professional cleanings.

Some manufacturers require new rugs to be cleaned at least every 12-18 months to maintain the warranty.

Are your technicians experienced?

Yes! Our technicians are all certified by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We regularly attend courses and seminars across the country to keep current on the latest methods and techniques for rug cleaning.

Can you remove all of my stains?

Let me first define the difference between a spot and a stain. A spot is any foreign matter that is removable by standard cleaning methods. A stain is foreign matter that has normally penetrated the fiber and caused a more permanent change to the fiber itself. Some stains may not be removed without causing more damage to the fiber. Our technicians will gladly let you know what to expect from our cleaning procedure prior to any cleaning. Also, our technicians are very experienced in advanced stain removal and that will also be discussed with you prior to any advanced techniques being employed.

Does rug cleaning make it wear out faster?

No! Actually it makes it last longer. Dirt and soil act as an abrasive to rugs and should be removed to reduce wear on the fibers.

Does your process restore the original feel of my rug?

Yes! Our cleaning method leaves your rug fresh, clean, and soft to the touch.

Should I apply aftermarket stain and soil protectant?

We highly recommend the application of DuPont Teflon Advanced to your rugs after cleaning. This application acts to restore the original stain resistance that was applied in the rug mill. Protectors act in two ways. First, they help to make soil more easily removable by everyday vacuuming and they act to reduce staining when something foreign is spilled or dropped on the rug.

Should I replace my old rugs or have it cleaned?

It is far less costly to have rugs cleaned versus replacing.

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